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Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve Manager – Space for Giants

About Us

Space for Giants is an international conservation organization, based in Africa, founded in 2011. Our mission is to protect the natural ecosystems on which Africa’s large wild animals depend, ensuring they are valued by local people. We currently work in 11 countries across Central, East and Southern Africa, focusing on some of the most pressing challenges facing the conservation of megafauna today. We have three thematic pillars of work to achieve our mission which are: 1) The protection and management of natural ecosystems and associated value creation for local citizens; 2) Combating the illegal wildlife trade; and 3) Promoting Human-Wildlife Coexistence. We pride ourselves on our highly collaborative approach with national governments, recognizing the importance of being relevant to elected leaders and their constituents, striving to ensure that our conservation work is aligned with their priorities. Grounded in world class science, we bring high quality technical expertise and experience to inform and deliver our conservation programmes, wherever we work. We also pride ourselves on being adaptable and nimble to respond quickly to emerging opportunities and evolving challenges in a very dynamic space. To read more visit:

Role Summary

The Space for Giants Conservation Department oversees a diverse range of programmes including Human Wildlife Coexistence, Protected Area Management, Conservation Investment, Wildlife Law and Justice and Conservation Monitoring and Evaluation. With a proven track record of conservation management experience, the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve Manager (PUWRM) will oversee all elements of conservation management of Pian Upe Wildlife reserve including reserve administration, recruitment, programmatic delivery (law enforcement, community collaboration, biodiversity monitoring, carbon interventions etc.) and reporting. The PUWRM will report directly into the Protected Area Director and Managing Director of Conservation.

Job Description

Performance Criteria

Protected Area Management

  • Develop, refine and implement the PUWR 5-year Business Plan and associated budget;
  • Oversee day to day operations of PUWR in consultation with the UWA Reserve Warden (including but not limited to law enforcement operations, community outreach and collaboration, biodiversity monitoring, rangeland management, tourism, HR management, fleet management and governance, etc.)
  • Ensure delivery of PUWR activities are compliant and delivered in line with the co-management agreement terms and conditions;
  • Provide oversight and lead (with support from the SFG HR Department) the recruitment process for recruiting skilled individuals in line with the proposed PUWR Organogram;
  • Participate, represent and deliver programme delivery reports at PUWR Board meetings, UWA board meetings etc.
  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with stakeholders involved in the management of PUWR (e.g., UWA, PUCWA, private sector partners etc.), stakeholders capable of supporting the delivery of programmatic areas (e.g., institutional and governmental funders) etc.
  • Ensure adherence to procurement procedures (tenders, contracts, etc.) to ensure that all reserve activities/purchases etc. are compliant with organisational policies;
  • Oversee infrastructure development projects (including their maintenance schedules) in line with business plan priorities and available budget envelopes;
  • Oversee all governance of PUWR including but not limited to ensuring adherence to SFG’s policies, protocols and best practice guidelines;
  • Coordinate weekly meetings with relevant Head of Departments at PUWR to ensure all programmatic areas are suitably staffed, equipped, budgeted and empowered to deliver in line with PUWR weekly/monthly/annual plans;
  • Capacity building for PUWR staff to ensure skill enhancement of all relevant departments (this includes ensuring adequate refresher training for law enforcement staff);
  • Provide accurate and meaningful reports & status updates on programmatic delivery, risk management and contingency planning as necessary;

Financial Management

  • Oversee PUWR budget implementation and cost controls to ensure expenditure in line with approved annual workplans (including but not limited to reporting on budget vs actual, budgetary adjustments, cashflow position etc.);
  • Work with and in support of the Protected Area Director to ensure that all projects are being managed and delivered in compliance with funding contracts, commitments and delivery terms;

Impact Measurement

  • Oversee monitoring and evaluation within PUWR as it pertains to impact metrics, threats, indicators etc. as part of the SFG’s impact measurement framework;
  • Support SFG’s Communications Department to report on project impact to our network of supporters and partners.


  • Assist with grant writing applications as well as supporting institutional and private grant reporting requirements;
  • Development of concept notes, proposals, presentations, etc for use in reporting and fundraising;


  • Provide inputs to the Protected Area Director and Managing Director of Conservation to refine the PUWR business plan as well as associated programmatic strategies and PUWR management plans;

Organizational Governance

Finance – Provide input into the Departmental Budgets on a yearly basis

Risk Management – Help identify risks in project delivery and possible mitigation efforts that could be taken.

Impact Measurement and Management-

  • Record and Report on the Impact each Programme is having based on objectives vs. outcome vs. deliverables and targets to be achieved per Programme
  • Record and Report on loss opportunities and potential reasons for the same
  • Ensure adherence to Impact measurement protocols & Standard Operating Procedures for each Programme

Regulatory and Compliance -Record and escalate any regulatory or compliance deviations or risks per programme

Stakeholder Management

Strategic Relationships-Support the Conservation Director in maintaining relationships between

  • Internal stakeholders: Employees, Consultants, interns and volunteers and
  • External stakeholders: Governments, Partner organizations, Donors, Vendors and associated government points of contact

Performance Management

Capacity Building-

  • Identify existing and potential staff requirements
  • Oversee development and upskilling of direct and in-direct reports

Performance Management-

  • Conduct the Annual Performance Management Review with direct Reports
  • Conduct the Cultural Contract renewal process with direct Reports and Interns
  • Record, own and direct reports leave, timesheets and travel requirements

Staff Engagement-

  • Support the Development and Conduct a yearly Organizational Employee engagement survey
  • Provide assistance and collaborate professionally with interns/scholars as required
  • Engage with team members collaboratively to achieve the objectives of the unit
  • Overseeing adherence to the internal Culture Contract

Direct Reports- PUWR management staff

Special Projects

SFG ambassador-

  • Represent the Protected Area Director when requested to do so at meetings, conferences and events as relevant;
  • Represent SFG professionally and uphold the organizations values at any external event or with any external parties
  • Provide input as per special assignments requested by Protected Area Director as the need arises

Culture and Values

  1. Drive the Organizational Culture to internal and external Stakeholders
  2. Conduct oneself and encourage team behavior to create awareness and reinforce Organizational Vision, Values and the Culture Contract

Any other relevant tasks related to the role as directed by the Supervisor

Person Specification

Key Skills: Experienced in Project management and People management, Efficient, Hard-Working, Able to Multitask, Driven, Innovative and Organized.

Uphold the cultural values and code of conduct of Space for Giants: Passion, Integrity, Respect, Sustainability, and Innovation.

Experience, Knowledge & Competencies

  • At least five years of project management within the conservation sector or Natural Resource Management (demonstrated experience managing a protected area, reserve, park, wilderness area);
  • Master’s degree in conservation, natural resource management, programme management, planning, environmental, or in relevant fields
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, inspire and mentor a team
  • Excellent project and systems management skills
  • Proven experience in working with African Governments and other Stakeholders within the conservation space.
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to identify trends and patterns of information.
  • Experience writing high quality descriptive reports;
  • Exceptional organizational skills, ability to facilitate communication between different locations and ability work independently to meet deadlines
  • Independent thinker and showing initiative in developing innovative approaches
  • Exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills, ability to facilitate communication between different locations and ability work independently to meet deadlines
  • Willingness to spend significant time in remote locations;
  • Working knowledge of various types of conservation technology (including but not limited to SMART, Earthranger, GIS, LoRa etc.);
  • Knowledge of law enforcement frameworks and community outreach experience;
  • Valid driving license
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