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Consultancy – RFP: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Training of Trainers Consulting Services – Water For People


Job Title:  Request for Proposals: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Training of Trainers Consulting Services  

Organisation: Water For People

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

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Water For People is an international non-profit working across nine countries to reach over four million people with sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation services. Based in Denver, CO, USA, we have approximately 220 employees mostly located in our nine operating countries. Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. For more information, visit Clean Water Around the World | Water For People.


Purpose and Overview:

Water For People, as a growing nonprofit, we are looking to improve our organizational culture by expanding our work in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). We are adapting our governance and management structures as well as our business practices to appropriately reflect the world we work in and the change we want to see. As a result, we are changing our organizational structures to be more equitable. This includes transferring greater decision-making power as close as possible to those who implement or are affected by the decisions (the principle of subsidiarity). We are committing to enhancing our legitimacy so that we are more effective in all our countries. We are improving our culture in the areas of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our workplaces, employee populations, and on our board.

Consistent with our Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Policy, Water For People continues to strive to make Water For People a great place to work and an organization that embodies the values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion with a positive and inclusive workplace culture. We believe in the importance of understanding and developing programs, awareness and training that is sensitive and appropriate within the local contexts and cultures where we work.

Therefore, Water For People has created four employee-led Regional Organizational Transformation Committees (Africa, India, Latin America, and North America) and a Global Organizational Transformation Committee all of which have the mission to nurture a positive work environment and an inclusive, just, diverse, and culturally conscious organization where everyone can reach their full potential and thrive. This regional approach will also assist Water For People in appreciating the different cultural environments in which we operate and tailoring our approaches to address these unique environments. As a result, input and information from these committees will flow up in the organization, which is consistent with the principle of subsidiarity.


It is against this background that, Water For People is seeking a JEDI-qualified and competent consultant that can provide Training of Trainers services in the aforementioned JEDI area, to the 2 to 4 selected team members in each of the four (4) Water For People country Programs in Africa Region including Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.


The selected team members will be equipped with the JEDI knowledge and will be able to train other colleagues in their country programs, and also, they will be able to implement the JEDI- related activities successfully in their county programs.

The diagram below provides a brief overview of our JEDI journey over the past few years:


Scope of Services

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is to:

·       Review the strengths and opportunities provided by the Engagement & JEDI Survey – Feb 2023. (See Annex) Understand the current state of JEDI at Water For People at the Africa regional level, Water For People country programs including Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

·       Work with country-level Talent team members to Identify JEDI growth areas specific to the region.

·       Prepare and deliver a training of trainers to support JEDI growth.

·       Develop an action plan of the JEDI proposed activities to be implemented in each of the 4 country programs of Africa region.

·       Develop the training topics and materials for the trained trainers (selected members in each of the 4 countries) who will train other colleagues in their county programs.

·       Propose a timeline and budget for delivering training by the trained trainers to other colleagues in their country programs.


Key Deliverables

·       Training Delivery: Facilitation of Training of trainers /workshop sessions on JEDI awareness topics. Where, training audiences will be 2-4 members from each country program in the Africa region including Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

·       Training materials and topics to be used by the trained trainers (selected members in each of the 4 countries) who will train other colleagues in their county programs.

·       Action plan of proposed JEDI main activities to be implemented in each of the 4 in each of the 4 country programs of Africa region.

·       Training certificates to be provided to the trained trainers after completion of the Training of Trainers.


Reporting and Work Relationship

The consultant will report to the chairperson – Transformation committee – Africa Region. The consultant will be collaborating with the selected members to be trained and Talent Team members in each of the 4 country programs.


Proposal Requirements

Water For People is inviting individuals and/or firms to prepare both technical and financial proposals to undertake the work. Please provide:


Technical proposal:

1.         Experience:

Administrative documents: Consultant’s Registration and taxes valid certificates should be attached.

Experience: Consultant’s/Team’s credentials and expertise in JEDI; description of demonstrated prior similar experience with JEDI initiatives in scope. Year of similar experience should be specified, and a certificate of good completion should be attached.

2.        Team members’ profiles: Names and roles of all key personnel proposed to support Water For People; CVs/ summary of each person’s experience and qualifications and academic certificates for each team member (please indicate project lead).

3.        Training Approach/ Methodology:

a.         Description of your technical approach/facilitation methodology and tools: This training of trainers will be conducted virtually; therefore, the consultant needs to specify the online platform to use and how the online platform works to deliver the training successfully.

b.         Description of how the consultant will complete the Scope of Services successfully.

c.         Proposed timeline: The technical offer should indicate a clear timeline and description of the proposed methodology detailing how the deliverables will be achieved.

e. Language: Proposals must be in English language.

4.         References: Provide three (3) business references of similar work from recent or current clients (within the last 5 years). Please include:

a.         Name and contact information of client.

b.         Description of the services provided to the client.

c.         Description of the completed assignment, its duration, and current status of the project.



The financial proposal must contain all the financial details needed to complete the assignment. It should contain the detailed costs in USD, with applicable Taxes/Charges clearly identified. The Total price must be taxes inclusive. Additionally, considering this is a training of trainers, water for people expects a tiered budget (e.g., offering 10 hours of training for 6 employees costing x Dollars, and/or offering 5 hours of training for 8 employees costing x Dollars).



The terms of reference will be published via an eligible media platform in the aforementioned 4 countries including Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Proposals will be submitted on the same email address, and they will be evaluated using the following criteria: administrative/ registration documents, clarity of methodology, the profile of team members, demonstrable understanding of the assignment and availability of online training delivery tools, and financial cost as follows:

Administrative/ registration documents: PASS or FAIL. Only the bidders with a PASS note will continue to the second stage of evaluation.

Experience in similar assignment: 20%

Team members’ profiles: 20%

Training Approach/ Methodology: 20%

3 business References: 10%

Financial: 30%

I.         1st stage: Administrative documents: PASS or FAIL. Only the bidders with a PASS note will continue to the second stage of evaluation.

II.        2nd stage: Technical proposal: 70% (that includes the methodology including the availability of online training delivery tools and experience and Profile of Team members with CV and academic documents.)

III.      Stage 3: Financial Submission Evaluation: Financial: 30%, all substantially responsive proposals that score 70 marks or more from the technical submission evaluation shall have their financial proposals evaluated.

The formula for determining the financial score (SF) shall be as follows:

SF = 30% x FM/F where:

SF is the financial score.

FM is the lowest fees quoted and

F is the fee of the proposal under consideration.

The lowest fees quoted will be allocated a maximum score of 30%.

The bidder’s proposals will be ranked according to their combined technical score (ST) and financial score (SF) and weighted accordingly. The formula for the combined scores shall be as follows: S = ST x T% + SF x P%


S is the total combined scores of technical and financial scores

ST is the technical score.

SF is the financial score.

T is the weight given to the technical proposal (in this case 70%) and

P is the weight given to the financial proposal (in this case 30%)

Note: P + T will be equal to 100%.

The bidder who has achieved the highest combined technical and financial score shall be declared successful and subsequently invited for clarifications.

The selected vendor will be contractually required to comply with Water For People’s Vendor Code of Conduct. (See annex) Vendor-Code-of-Conduct and will be required to deliver a Conflict-of-Interest Certificate prior to execution of the contract.

The Conflict-of-Interest Certificate requires the disclosure of any potential or actual conflicts of interest with Water For People employees or their relatives including past, current, or proposed business transactions, employment or offers of employment, or certain gifts or entertainment. Water For People will evaluate any disclosures of conflicts of interest; if Water For People determines it cannot waive or mitigate the conflict of interest it will result in the disqualification of the selected proposer.


Bidding Process

Download Full TOR


Interested Consultants /companies/individuals are requested to submit electronically both technical and financial proposals not later than Friday 21st April 2023, with the following subject “Proposal: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Training of Trainers Consulting Services” to the following email:


1.         Any bid with any arithmetic error in the financial proposal in calculation or any other type of error or omission will automatically be disqualified.

2.         Late submissions will not be considered.


Chairperson, Transformation Committee – Africa Region

Annex: If you are interested, please send an email to and request for attachments.

1.         Engagement and JEDI Africa Region results February 2023

2.         JEDI policy

3.         Vendor code of conduct © Water For People, All rights reserved.


Deadline: 21st April 2023


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