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Listing and Mapping – Enumerator Supervisor The International Potato Center (CIP)

The International Potato Center (CIP) under work package 3 of the Market Intelligence Initiative and the SweetGAINS project is conducting research for development study aimed at promoting sustainable adoption of improved sweetpotato varieties by using behavioral interventions. The study targets sweetpotato farmers in Amuria district, Eastern Region of Uganda. This activity is aimed at conducting an end-line household survey to assess the adoption of improved sweetpotato varieties among a random sample of households who have participated in the study since December 2021. The Consultant will supervise a team of enumerators conducting a follow up households survey using tablets.

• Supervise a team of enumerators conducting a follow-up household survey in Amuria district

• Household survey data collected in Amuria district approved for consistency, accuracy, and completeness by the Supervisor
• A field report detailing key observations, challenges encountered and how they were resolved, and opportunities seized to enhance the efficiency of the survey

Time frame

• Consultancy contract will be for 26 days.

• Selection Criteria
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Agriculture, agribusiness management, economics, statistics, and other related fields
• Data collection, use of tablets to collect data, experience with vine distribution process, experience implementing CIP vine distribution activities
• At least experience of 2 years
• Survey data collection skills, soft/interpersonal skills, teamwork

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Closing Date : 28th April, 2023

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Listing and Mapping – Enumerator 3 The International Potato Center (CIP)

Listing and Mapping – Enumerator 2 The International Potato Center (CIP)