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Supply Chain Manager Karpolax

Supply Chain Manager
Job Title: Supply Chain Manager
Reports to: CEO

Job Purpose: The Supply Chain Manager will oversee all aspects of the company’s supply chain, from procurement of raw materials to delivery of finished products to customers. The Supply Chain Manager will ensure that the supply chain is efficient, cost-effective, and meets the company’s quality standards.

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop and implement supply chain strategies that support the company’s goals and objectives
• Manage the supply chain team to ensure that they achieve their targets and objectives
• Develop and maintain relationships with suppliers and logistics providers
• Collaborate with the Production Manager to ensure that raw materials are available to meet production schedules
• Optimize inventory levels to minimize costs and ensure that the company has sufficient stock to meet customer demand
• Monitor and analyze supply chain data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement
• Develop and implement supply chain controls and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and standards
• Collaborate with the Finance Manager to manage supply chain costs and ensure that they are minimized
• Ensure that the company’s supply chain is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible

• Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics or a related field
• At least 5 years of experience in supply chain management, preferably in the food processing industry
• Strong leadership and people management skills
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
• Knowledge of supply chain regulations and standards
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Experience in developing and implementing supply chain strategies and procedures
• Knowledge of inventory management and procurement processes
• Familiarity with sustainability and ethical sourcing practices

Write an application letter, attach your CV and write an email to  with the Email Ref as JOB APPLICATION: POSITION. Application deadline is 5th May but preference will be given to early applicants.

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