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Offsites Technical Leader Seaowl Group

Dimension Within the Tilenga (Upstream) Offsites team, assistance is required to support the package management and construction teams as activities ramp up.
Reporting line in organization Offsites & Drilling Interfaces Package Manager Activities
Permanently assess the HSE management system of the Offsite EPSCC Contractor on Site and the HSE workforce in place with all Offsites subcontractors active on site – identify weaknesses and support the site construction team in implementing required mitigations
Report to the Project Management and the Site Technical Manager any major deficiency observed or anticipated in relation with the effectiveness of the HSE means and resources, organization deployed by the Contractors on Site.
Analyze the execution and construction plan proposed by the Offsites EPSCC contractor, monitor the implementation and identify areas requiring improvement
• Challenge the Offsite EPSCC Contractor in his execution/construction planning and execution plan and report potential or effective deficiencies to the management and the Site Technical Manager
Prepare, develop and substantiate Offsites construction plan improvement and mitigation plans with the involvement of the Company construction team on site – submit to the management of the project
• Support the Site Technical Manager in promoting and negotiating with the EPSCC Contractor the implementation of the required changes, measures, mitigations identified for Offsites activities and internally agreed
Follow the implementation of proposed and agreed improvement and mitigation and support the Company construction team on site with this regard
• Review the construction planning(s) submitted by the Offsite EPSCC Contractor and those proposed by his main subcontractors – analyses and identify inconsistencies and required to correct – identify links with the execution plan of Contractor
Provide key input to the schedule risk analysis with regards to Offsites construction execution and main subcontractors management.
• Support the Offsites Area Lead in the coordination between Engineering and procurement activities managed from London and China and resulting in site Offsites activities
• Attend technical and planning Constructability reviews to be organized with the Offsites contractor(s) – Provides valuable input in such reviews to ensure smooth, state of the art and safe procedures to be implemented on site for all offsites construction activities
• In support to the Site Technical Manager, ensure follow up from Offsites constructability reviews with the construction team on site and transfer leadership to construction team for any output implementation
• Ensure adequate level of supervision of all safety critical activities to be handled on site for the Offsites part – in particular make sure that the third-party warranty surveyor has been involved adequately for all LWA site activities on the Lake Albert (in close liaison and support of the LWA Area Lead)
• In support to the Site Technical Manager, identifies technical issues, including QC related issues, linked to Offsites construction and organize/lead resolution with Contractor with full support and implication of the engineering team on one side, through the Dpty engineering manager, and the full involvement of the Company construction management team and construction relevant team members.
• Work in close cooperation with EPSCC QC leader and site construction team to ensure QC, welding and NDT activities are properly anticipated and coordinated with contractor.
• Participate and animate the weekly/monthly construction meeting with Contractor. Context and environment A Green Field Project, the Tilenga development is to be carried out in a remote location in UGANDA near Albert lake with particularly sensitive environmental conditions. A challenging onshore project; heavy and waxy oils produced from 31 drilling pads, (with some of them located in a national park) and treated in a Production Center of 200,000bopd oil capacity and 650,000 bld of water treatment capacity. Reservoir pressure maintenance is ensured either by water injection or by polymer water injection depending on the reservoir’s characteristics. The project also includes an extended interconnecting network with temperature preservation. Multicultural environment: Contractors are anticipated to be located in various parts of the world. Ugandan rules and regulations, administrative requirements and technical authorizations as well as International codes for onshore plant will apply. Accountabilities The Offsites technical Leader role is to bring extensive experience in the preparation and execution of the construction activities related to the Offsites package and to ensure a strict and effective control of the contractor methods, preparation, and realization of such activities throughout the construction phase on site. S/he shall provide insight into the risks and challenges that the Contractors can face in the execution of the works and work on possible mitigations in close liaison with the Package Manager, the relevant Area Leads and the overall Site Technical Manager. S/He shall actively support the teams, through a technical and construction management approach, with the goal of achieving the most expectable outcomes, support and collaborate with the Contractors as required for all Offsite construction activities. The Offsite Technical Manager’s expertise and previous experience in working on the execution of oil and gas pipeline installation and offshore facilities projects shall bring a key and in depth understanding of what is involved and what is required from the Offsites EPSCC Contractor to limit the cost, planning and technical exposure of the project during the Offsite construction on site.

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Closing Date : 30th November, 2023

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