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Warehouse Assistant World Vision Uganda

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Key Responsibilities:
This Purpose of Position will be used in the WVI Careers site, and if applicable, advertisements. Please describe the role in 2-3 concise sentences. Focus on the core of what this role is supposed to achieve. Describe the purpose of this position and how this position contributes to achieving department objectives and the management and performance of others.

Advert Start Date: 29th May 2024
Advert End Date: 05th June 2024

Purpose of the position:
To ensure the proper and safe custody (Storage) of all food and non–food commodities entrusted to the care of WV by donors. The job holder will be responsible for the documentation of commodity transactions in the warehouse, including receipt, storage and delivery of all food commodities in compliance with World Vision and donor (WFP) guidelines.

List statements describing the final results of this position and method of accomplishments, and how results/performance are reviewed and measured. Begin with the most important accountabilities.

% Time
Major Activities
End Results Expected
A. Commodity Management
Ensure that all commodities arriving at the warehouse and leaving the warehouse are properly accounted for.

Receive the commodities in the warehouse. Make sure to know in advance about the types, shipments, and amount of commodities to expect in the warehouse so storage plans can be prepared before the arrival of commodities.

Scrutinize all waybills to ensure that the commodities are of correct quantities and quality as manifested on the waybill.

Immediately record all quantities delivered short
(missing), quantities lost in transit and quantities damaged if any.

All observations must be recorded immediately.

Manage the loading and off-loading of the commodities to make sure it is properly undertaken. Commodities must carefully be inspected and counted during off-loading before being accepted in the warehouse.

Immediately reconstitute torn / loose / slack/leaking / damaged bags, tins, or cartons to prevent any further loss. Document such activity.

Maintain good warehousing standards. Storage of commodities must be done properly. Commodities must be stacked on pallets and in an organized manner by commodity type and by shipment number to facilitate proper physical count.

Compliance to accountability adhered to with all commodity movements well tracked.
• All the food returns and commodities dispatched from the UN – WFP EDP received and well stacked as per shipment and commodities type
• Correct amount of food is offloaded in line with its rightful origin

Proper record of commodities /NFIs kept for reference and accountability
• Food is offloaded and stacked as per WV standard and reconstitutions done to minimize losses and spillage
• Warehouse hygiene practices adhered to with commodities stacked on pallets
B. Commodity Accounting:
Accurately fill and update all the warehouse records including Ledger books, stack cards and stock control sheets. Quantities recorded on these documents must correspond to the daily physical stock in the warehouse.

Keep daily records of warehouse movement (commodities received and dispatched including the destinations).

Ensure commodities shall Never leave the warehouse without prior approval of the food and cash assistance officer or his/her designee.

Unexplained warehouse losses are the
responsibility of the warehouse Assistant and the value of the loss can be deducted from the salary.
• Commodities are tracked using the warehouse-approved documents in real-time

Records for stock movement are maintained for reference and accountability
• Losses occurring due to negligence are mitigated.

C. Warehouse Management:
Ensure that all the general rules of warehouse operations are observed through consistent and routine inspection.
Ensure the warehouse is clean, dry and free from rodents/pests.

Ensure the warehouse has adequate equipment and supplies.

Ensure that a warehouse layout and floor plan are in place and being followed.

Ensure correct procedures for determining unfit commodities are followed.

Be alerted to observe any signs of weevils and other grain pests that damage the commodities during storage. Commodities must be in good condition. Check for infestation and take immediate action by informing the Logistic Officer.
• Proper compliance with the rules of warehouse operation by the warehouse team.
• Acceptable hygiene practices implemented at the warehouses.
• Adequate supply of all warehouse supplies.
• Commodities are stored in safe conditions.
D. Reporting:
Ensuring that warehouse reports are submitted to the Food and cash assistance officer on a weekly and monthly basis

Prepare and submit monthly Commodity Receipt Summaries, Truck Inspection Reports, Dispatch summaries, Loss Status Reports, and Physical Inventory Reports at the end of every month. These MUST be submitted to the head office by the 1st day of the following month at the latest (26th of every month).

E. Capacity building of warehouse staff:
Work in liaison with the Zonal focal persons (Field Coordinators) to provide training on warehouse management and control and documentation for the warehouse staff and casuals
Oversight of the warehouse staff.

Supervise the Warehouse cleaners
Supervise the Warehouse Guards working in the respective warehouse.

Supervise the truck drivers in the process of loading and offloading commodities.
• Required leadership is provided and team capacity is strengthened.

List education, knowledge & skills, licenses preferred, and all experiences required to perform this position in a fully competent manner.

Minimum education, training, and experience requirements to qualify for the position:
List academic requirements (if applicable), technical skills, or other knowledge required as a minimum qualification for this position.
• A bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer science, social sciences, or any other related discipline from a reputable institution.
• A minimum of three years’ experience, preferably with a busy NOG or UN agency, in food commodities handling tracking and accounting.
• Prior experience with WV CTS system and or UN WFP Compass system is an added advantage.
• Working knowledge of warehousing, transport, shipping and practical freight forwarding.
• Demonstrated ability to manage a team of staff as well as cooperate with other units.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience
List additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.
• Training in IT is an added advantage
• Ability to use standard office equipment such as photocopiers and scanners.
• Ability to follow standard business support processes and procedures.
• Ability to create, manage and protect beneficiary databases.
• Knowledge of standard office software packages, e.g. Microsoft word and spread sheet.
• Ability to provide information using courtesy and tact.
• Good analytical skills, report writing skills and ability to work under minimum supervision, attention to detail and able to multi-task.
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
• Good community engagement skills
• Good presentation skills, Negotiation skills
• Good training skills, hardworking, calm, mature, logical, culturally sensitive, result oriented and interest in humanitarian development
Fluency in written and oral English is a requirement, and ability to speak and understand Kiswahili, Madi, Lugbarati, Arabic, Kakwa, will be an added advantage.

License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:
If applicable, include language requirement(s) as a minimum qualification for this position.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
List academic, technical skills or other knowledge preferred for this position.
• A bachelor’s degree in IT, Computer science, social sciences, or any other related discipline from a reputable institution.
• A minimum of three years’ experience preferably with a busy NOG or UN agency, in food commodities handling tracking and accounting.
• Demonstrated ability to design/formulate monitoring tools
• Humanitarian Protection and Accountability Partnership training
• Do No Harm in AID management training
• First Aid training, World Vision Uganda

Work Environment:
Include travel & work environment details.
Complete Travel and/or Work Environment statements if applicable.
• Work environment: Frequent travel to the field
• Travel: 75% in the field and 25 % in the office.
• On call: 24 Hours

Applicant Types Accepted:
Local Applicants Only

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Closing Date : 14th June, 2024

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