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Locum Training Operations Officer

General Summary


The Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) is a Ugandan not-for-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen health systems in Africa, with strong emphasis on infectious diseases, through research and capacity development. IDI has six operational areas through which it works to achieve its mission: Prevention, Care and Treatment; Training, Research, Laboratory services (including the CAP-certified IDI Core Lab & Translational Lab), Global Health Security and Health System Strengthening.


In order to successfully, implement this, IDI is looking for a competent and experienced individual to fill the position below:


General summary: 

Under the supervision of the Senior Training Operations Manager, with direction from Trainers, the Operations Officer will coordinate: logistical aspects related to the implementation of the training program and the living and transportation needs of the trainees and the safety, use and tracking of training equipment and resource materials. Additionally, the Operations officer will take on general office administrative and operations responsibilities.


Key Responsibilities


1. Coordination of logistical aspects related to the implementation of training activities

  • Avails course application forms to prospective applicants.
  • Receives and archives training applications.
  • Distribution of schedules and necessary training materials to trainers, trainees, and partner sites.
  • Follows up on session scheduling and resource requirements with both trainers and partner organizations.
  • Participates in preparation of payments to Trainers, participants and placement sites as directed.
  • Conducts, Summates and archives course evaluations.
  • Participates in the organization of training social events.


2.  Living and transportation requirements for the training program

  • Organizes and coordinates transportation for trainees and trainers.
  • Helps in distribution of stipends and accommodation allowances to trainees.
  • Escorts trainees to placement sites whenever necessary.

3.  Equipment and resource materials

  • Stores, and tracks training resources, including books, journals, video taped lectures, projectors and computers.
  • Updates training room equipment inventories.
  • Responsibility for the set up and put away of equipment.
  • Orders for office and equipment supplies (toner, cartridge, stationery) from the store as needed.
  • Tracks sign off of equipment by trainees and trainers.
  • Communicates any equipment problems and damages to the Senior Training Operations Manager.
  • Monitors the condition of training rooms and training equipment regularly.
  • Responsibility for opening and locking of the lockable units for LCD, laptops, training and computer rooms and their general security.
  • Keeps Keys for the training rooms and lockable LCD units.

4. Office administrative responsibilities

  • Maintain a current inventory of office and training room supplies
  • Regularly informs the Senior Training Operations Manager and Course Coordinators/trainers of required supplies
  • Distribution of documents, letters to trainers and trainees as required.
  • Coordinates courier drop off/pick up.
  • Typing, printing and photocopying of documents as requested/required
  • Ensure general cleanliness of the training rooms
  • Timely enter all trainee’s information into MIST
  • Work hand in hand with course coordinators to write training reports
  • Distribution and archiving of documents as requested
  • Maintain and regularly updates office filing system.
  • Files documents as requested/required
  • Prepare materials for trainees i.e. lecture CDs, session evaluations, name tags, participants registrations, classroom training directorates etc
  • Support on follow up of alumni
  • Perform other duties as necessary


Person Specification


Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Ability to work with and communicate with local and international trainees
  2. Flexibility and ability to take initiative
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Good interpersonal skills and teamwork
  5. Excellent English language skills
  6. Advanced computer skills

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • University Degree in Social sciences, Business Administration, or Development studies.
  • Must have experience having worked with a busy training institution providing operational support to training activities for at least one year.

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